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Here at the Radial Relief Fund, we believe in the generous spirit of people and the value of giving.  Our mission is simple, but our work runs deep.  We aim to promote a culture of giving at all levels and to reinforce the importance of volunteerism in community.  We want to help people, and we want those people to help people.  We’re building a long karmic chain that will shake society with all of its goodness. Will you be a part of it and become a catalyst for positive change? 

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Launched in the Spring of 2020, the Radical Relief Fund secured and donated funds to hundreds of people across the United States facing financial uncertainty in the wake of COVID-19, economic recession, and social unrest.

Our Current Partnerships 

Hunger Not Impossible 


"Hunger: Not Impossible (H:NI) is a simple, text-based service that connects kids and families in need with prepaid, nutritious, to-go meals from nearby restaurants. Built to directly empower community organizations’ efforts to feed families with urgent needs, H:NI works with trusted organizations, like local Boys & Girls Clubs and Foster Nation, to recruit participants struggling with food insecurity."


Aspen Dining Sourcebook


The restaurant and dining scene is currently in a state of flux with an ever-changing landscape affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Aspen Dining Sourcebook is an innovate new way to help connect individuals with up to date menu information utilizing FlowCode technology. The Sourcebook also highlights local charitable organizations with unique FlowCodes built to connect users with up-worthy causes quickly. 

The Call to Unite 


Unite is a national impact initiative animated by a new way of seeing each other – and the work of building America’s future. Enabled by the nation’s most generous philanthropists, tireless creators, and collaborative partners. Showcasing unique stories of people coming together to solve problems and affect change in their communities, schools, places of worship, and homes. 

"Helping others should be done as much as possible. Looking for ways to help others doesn’t just have a positive impact on the people you’re helping, it’s good for everyone."

-Steve Bloom

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We're happy you’re interested in getting involved with the Radical Relief Fund Mission. Below, you can choose to donate to the fund if you have the resources, or apply for a grant. By engaging below, you’ll become a vital part of our Non-Profit Fund and cycle of positivity.


Apply now for the chance to receive a grant of up to $2000 if you are a person in need. Make a 2 minute video explaining your situation to be considered, and email it in for a chance to receive.

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Make a Donation and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to lend your support. It’s a great way to contribute to our cause, and every dollar goes towards people in need. Get in touch with us today for more details about how you can help.



Nicky is our Executive Director. He has been instrumental in furthering our mission and serves as a backbone of support to our entire team & network.   

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Corinne established the Radical Relief Fund and is the visionary for the project. She has brought in her extensive operations experience and many notable accomplishments in the realm of venture investment, not-for-profits, and public companies committed to championing health & sciences.   


Konrad spurred our communications and was the liaison between applicants of the 2020 fund. He meticulously helped create the structure and distribution model for us. 


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Victoria helped with design and format for the site, improving on previous structure and using her design expertise to help.

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Philip has been a vital part in developing a straight-forward and easy to understand law agreement for the participants of our fund, so that everyone has the ability to apply with a peace of mind.

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Kent has provided our team with an incredible insight into the philanthropy sector, offering guidance and direction every step of the way.

Susan helped launch the FitFoundation as a cofounder and a director. She has also supported the Radical Relief Team every step of the way!

Gail is a professional writer in Los Angeles, and worked with us for the best vocabulary to make our program accessible to all.