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Collaborations & Partnerships 

Radically Local App


The Radical Relief Fund is currently working on an app for local communities. Live local. That's the simple idea behind Radically Local, an app developed to help locals thrive in the often-expensive vacation communities where they live. 

Accessing the app is easy. Here's how it works: Each time you make a purchase at a local establishment, you scan their QR code and earn a point. Once you've racked up ten points, and verified that you're a local with proof of employment or residency, you qualify for a grant of up to $2500 to use for food, housing, mental health, transportation, or child care.  

West Coast Care


West Coast Care is committed to the reunification of those experiencing homelessness with their families.  The organization believes that repairing broken relationships is the key to sustained long-term recovery. Rebuilding these essential support systems and equipping people for the journey back home is their mission. 

The Radical Relief Fund has been proud to be a close partner of West Coast Care and supporting all that they do. 

Please join them in honoring our founder on October 12, 2023 HERE.


Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

On May 11th, 2022, the Radical Relief Fund partnered with WhtNow, a virtual community of mid-life women embracing life's second act. Our two organizations gathered to raise money at a benefit and silent auction to directly benefit the people of Ukraine. 100% of the donations went to the World Central Kitchen to support its efforts to feed Ukrainian refugees.

The Call to Unite 


Unite is a national impact initiative animated by a new way of seeing each other – and the work of building America’s future. Enabled by the nation’s most generous philanthropists, tireless creators, and collaborative partners. Showcasing unique stories of people coming together to solve problems and affect change in their communities, schools, places of worship, and homes. 

Aspen Dining Sourcebook


The Aspen Dining Sourcebook is an innovate new way to help connect individuals with up to date menu information utilizing FlowCode technology. The Sourcebook also highlights local charitable organizations with unique FlowCodes built to connect users with up-worthy causes quickly. 

Hunger Not Impossible 


"Hunger: Not Impossible (H:NI) is a simple, text-based service that connects kids and families in need with prepaid, nutritious, to-go meals from nearby restaurants. Built to directly empower community organizations’ efforts to feed families with urgent needs, H:NI works with trusted organizations, like local Boys & Girls Clubs and Foster Nation, to recruit participants struggling with food insecurity."

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